Tropical storm Alex creates obstacles in oil spill recovery

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The weather phenomenon which began as a tropical storm is now slated to become Hurricane Alex. This news comes at a crucial time in the oil recovery process, as BP wants to step up the siphoning capacity. With some companies pulling workers from the site, it will be difficult to increase or even maintain the [...]

New developments in eating green

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Now, more than ever, people want to know about the foods going into their bodies. It’s also easier than ever to “eat green”, thanks to plenty of resources online to help guide you to a healthier you. But when the holidays arrive, you have no choice but to make exceptions, right? Not with a little [...]

Is bird flu still a threat?

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Scientists have discovered a new way in which avian influenza viruses, or AIVs, are transferred. The oil glands which waterfowl use to stay waterproof naturally attract AIVs from the water. The birds then spread the viruses over their own or others’ bodies by preening. But just what else do we know about this virus?Transmission of [...]

Competition present even in stressed ecosystems

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It was previously thought that during times of intense ecological stress, such as hurricanes and pollution, organisms engage in less competition in order to survive. However, scientists now believe that the level of competition, as gauged by observed microscopic organisms, remains relatively level. The researchers introduced disturbance with sound energy and then separated the organisms [...]

Canada takes steps to reduce their footprint by phasing out coal

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Canada has traditionally been known for not focusing enough on the environment. Tellingly, their greenhouse gas emissions have risen constantly for the last twenty years. But that could change thanks to a new plan to eliminate coal-based power plants and replace them with natural-gas sites.Environmental Minister Jim Prentice made the declaration on Wednesday, and the [...]