Building Green So You Can Live Green

Posted under Uncategorized - Feb 2nd, 12

Lots of people are looking into green reliant energy these days and many homes even come built for the potential of green energy applications. Even today, you can find houses built specifically for the purposes of utilizing both passive and active solar energy. You might be wondering how this works, which is why I have written an article detailing how these green homes are helping homeowners save a lot more green, every day.

Most of these green homes that utilize solar energy have their specialized equipment and material built into the south side of the home since that is often the side that gets the most sun. Passive solar energy is capture through specially constructed windows (like greenhouse glass) and material in the walls that help trap the heat and ventilate it throughout the home. Active solar energy is captured solar radiation obtained through solar panels and cells. This harnessed energy can be re-purposed and used directly to heat water and air, and even cook.

And while solar energy may not be the most reliable standard on the market when it comes to renewable energy, homeowners who implement these measures have saved thousands of dollars and, more importantly, helped save the environment.

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