Become an ecotourist with Greenloons

We call ourselves EcoMuseum because we like to think of planet Earth as a giant museum, where the exhibits are always changing, and where maintenance is everybody’s responsibility. That’s the same kind of thinking behind Greenloons, an “ecotourism” travel agency that launched in May 2010 and is now available on the web.Greenloons defines ecotourism as “a type of travel that focuses on the discovery of a natural or wildlife habitat in a manner that maximizes local economic and social goals, and reduces the possibility of environmental degradation.” The company was founded by Irene Lane, who completed her MBA in International Finance and worked in the corporate world for 12 years a consultant for both government agencies and private IT companies. She even includes eBay on her impressive resume. Greenloons was the result of Lane’s completion of a Certificate in Sustainable Tourism Management. Her goal? To offer a community for eco-friendly travellers with vacation packages available from certified and/or accredited tour operators.The search engine at Greenloons is impressive in both its simplicity and its power. You can search by region, country, preferred activities, and departure date, and Greenloons will do its best to match you with something that your whole family can enjoy. If you’d rather just browse, you can do that, toosort Greenloons’s selection of over 700 Featured Tours by price, reviews, and length to find something to fit your taste.Besides the “Ecotours Destination” section (where the search engine can be found), there are two other sections that may be of interest to the first-time visitor. “Conservation Programs” includes a list of wildlife, nature, and other conservation programs across the globe, along with addresses and contact info. This is a great way to find a group near you working to protect the planet’s natural resources. “Greenloons Community” is a collection of photos, stories, and tips. The majority is uploaded by Irene herself, but everybody has the option of contributing.The last section, “My Tours,” is only available to registered users and includes information about the packages you’re most interested in. Registration is freeobviously, vacation packages are not. If you’re ready to explore one of Earth’s exhibits that you’ve never seen before, step right up and buy your ticketand then pass your experiences on so they can continue to inspire future eco-travelers.